A picture of a man in a foundry pouring molten metal into a mold of some kind (now called a casting).

What is a Foundry?

A foundry is a specialized manufacturing company that melts metal, pours that metal into a mold of some kind, and once it solidifies, removes the metal (now called a casting) from the mold, processes it in various ways until it is a finished part.

Foundry Process

The steps involved in the foundry process are intricate and precise.

  • Melting: Metal is heated to a liquid state.
  • Molding: The liquid metal is poured into a mold to form a specific shape.
  • Solidifying: The metal cools and solidifies into the desired shape.
  • Processing: The casting is removed from the mold and undergoes various finishing processes.

Once finished, the foundry then sells that casting for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Despite this seemingly straightforward process, there are hundreds of different ways to accomplish both the melting and molding aspects of a foundry operation, not to mention all the secondary steps that take place to make the parts usable.

Common Uses of Castings

Castings are integral to many everyday items and industrial components.

Foundry work is one of the oldest manufacturing methods on earth. Despite the age of the foundry business, the techniques used in a foundry for melting metal and making molds have been updated due to countless technological advances over the years.

Modern Foundries

Today’s foundries are vastly different from their historical counterparts.

  • Technology: Incorporating advancements like 3D printing and automated systems.
  • Safety: Emphasis on safety protocols and consistent procedures.
  • Innovation: Continuous improvement in processes and materials.

There are more than 2,500 foundries in the United States today and tens of thousands around the world. Not only has technology dramatically changed the foundry industry, but the emphasis on safety and consistent procedures have also made foundries today wholly different than they were even 50 years ago.

Technological Advances in Foundries

Modern foundries utilize various new technologies to improve efficiency and quality.

  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
  • Automated Metal Pouring
  • Automated Casting Finishing
  • Radiographic Examination of Finished Parts

The foundry industry serves as one of the backbones to manufacturing around the world. Our customers occupy every segment of the economy. Whether you know much about foundry work or not, your life is influenced by the hard work and dedication that goes into making castings. Please feel free to explore our website more and get to know our foundry.

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