Defense and Military Castings

Defense and Military Castings requirements and their various applications are as diverse as the soldiers and engineers that serve us throughout all military branches, and all branches of government.  Because of that diversity, they need a foundry that pours a wide spectrum of materials and alloys. We are a SAM registered small business that has produced parts for the DLA, Army, Army Corp. of Engineers, Navy, and on and on.

We won’t recite the list of castings we’ve produced, but suffice it to say that we know what we’re doing — whether it’s navigating MIL specs or dealing with multiple agencies simultaneously, we are a knowledgeable and experienced cast solutions provider.  We also maintain substantial in-house machining capacity to provide you with finish machined castings, eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors.

In addition to our ability to produce high-quality Defense Castings and Military Castings using our no-bake molding production process, we can also assist your agency in the rapid development and prototyping of new parts with either producing 3D printed sand molds from models or 3D printed poly-patterns.

Additive manufacturing allows us to produce castings quickly while also eliminating the cost of tooling.  As with any form of 3D printing, thin layers of material are printed in a pre-set geometry, until the finished part is created.  3D Printed Sand Molds are manufactured by layering a binder resin into thin layers of a specific grade of sand. The 3D printer builds up consecutive sand layers, resulting in a finished mold with high dimensional accuracy.  Molds are engineered to be printed with extreme precision.

Exact measured proportions of binder-to-sand are dispensed, thus producing optimal sand mold properties. Additive manufacturing of sand molds reduces variability in the molding process and as a consequence eliminates the need for expensive tooling to make your castings.