Drilling and Mining Means Wear Resistance

Drill, blast, dig, load, truck, crush, refine, process…and repeat. These operations are at the heart of the drilling and mining industries.  And our castings for the drilling and mining industries do the job.

If there is one primary requirement for the steel castings, iron castings, and nickel-alloy castings that are used to make the working parts in the drilling and mining industry, its wear-resistance. Our experience in producing the best drilling castings and mining castings means we can produce not only wear-resistant, but heat-resistant parts as well.  This benefits our customers by extending the working lives of their products, and ultimately meeting and exceeding the end users’ expectations.

Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers and specialists are here for one reason: to work for you.  Whether you are converting a fabrication or weldment to a casting, looking to improve an existing casting design, or developing completely new products.   The mechanical properties of our parts are optimized through casting design, alloy selection and heat treat processes, and we ensure those properties are met by our certified in-house quality team and test facilities.  Whether you need one casting to repair an issue in the field, or thousands of castings to introduce a new product line, Quaker City Castings can meet your needs.

Drilling and Mining equipment encompasses a wide swath of manufacturers and types of equipment, including earth moving vehicles and machines, hammers, large scale drills and rigs, hydrochemical process equipment, hole plugs, stabilizers, specialized motors, pumps, compressors, and  a wide variety of service tools to assist rig operators.  Long gone are the days of just putting a hole in the ground and hoping to find something of value.

Drilling and Mining are high-intensity industries, and as such, they require extremely durable cast products that can meet exacting material specifications.

Common Alloys For Wear Resistant Castings Include:

  • Cr-Mo Alloy Steel (WC9, C5)
  • Ni-Cr-Mo Steel (CA6NM)