Quaker City Castings Sand Reclaimer Exterior Building Quaker City Castings Invests in Sand Reclaimer

Quaker City Castings has undertaken the very complex project of installing equipment for reclaiming and re-using our own sand. A project that has been years in the planning and building, we expect it will be live by the end of 2020.

According to owner Joe Korff, “The new reclaiming system replaces a smaller, older system and will be large enough for our needs into the future. The investment represents our confidence in a rebounding economy and a return to a growing “Made In America” industrial base.”

The heart of the system, the thermal reclaim unit, is installed in its new home, a brand new steel building that we constructed from the ground up, as the finished unit was too tall for any of our existing available space. The unit stands 18 feet tall with elevators and hoppers up to 25 soaring feet!

Many other pieces, like sand transporters, magnetic separator, hoppers, sand additive mixer, silos, cooling towers, and elevators have slowly been added as they arrive. Our maintenance crew has also been busy running all the veins and arteries to support the whole process, such as air lines, gas piping, water piping, sand piping, electrical wiring, and dust collection piping.

We expect to have the switch flipped on with sand whizzing through and baking very soon.

About: Quaker City Castings, located in Salem, Ohio, is a no-bake sand foundry and centrifugal foundry that produces a wide variety of iron, steel and nickel-alloy castings for a wide variety of industrial applications. We also produce high performance engine components including diesel engine piston rings and cylinder sleeves under our brand “PowerBore.”