Locomotive Castings / Mass Transit Castings

Locomotive castings and mass transit castings are some of the hardest-working industrial products on the market, and because of that, you need to know you are working with a foundry that knows what they are doing when pouring your castings. We’ve sold steel castings and iron castings to some of the largest private and public entities in this market, and we have no problem documenting every step in our process so that you know you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

Our Expertise in Locomotive Castings

We have produced castings to AAR material specs for mass transit and locomotive engine builders. While we are not AAR certified, we have sub-contracted to AAR certified facilities and are familiar with both the material and testing requirements for AAR parts. We’ve produced locomotive castings for brake brackets, mounting lugs, cylinder heads and various engine components, bolsters, couplers, and a variety of other parts. Quaker City Castings has years of experience in the locomotive and mass transit markets.

Advantages of Our Locomotive Castings

Our castings offer unmatched durability and performance in demanding environments.

  1. Quality Assurance: Documented processes ensure you get exactly what you pay for.
  2. Experience: Decades of experience in locomotive and mass transit castings.
  3. Versatility: Capable of producing a wide range of locomotive components.
  4. Customization: Tailored solutions to meet specific operational needs.

In-House Machining and Finishing

Quaker City Castings also has in-house machining capacity to finish machine many of the locomotive and mass transit castings we produce. In addition to machining, we can also coat your parts to deliver a finished product ready for testing and installation.

Industries We Serve

In addition to locomotive components, we also make castings for the following industries:

Types of Castings We Produce

We make iron castings and steel castings of the following types:

We make custom stainless steel castings and large steel castings up to 5,000 lbs and large iron castings up to 12,000 lbs.

Our Production Facility

We produce and machine all our steel castings and iron castings in our facility in Salem, Ohio.

Work With Us

If you’re looking for a reliable partner for your locomotive casting needs, Quaker City Castings is here to help. Visit our contact us page directly to discuss how we can assist you. We are dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the efficiency and productivity of your operations.

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